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Applying window tints yourself is possible - But it can be done!

It’s possible to put window tints on your car yourself. Just make sure you are a do-it-yourself type person before embarking on the job.

The first thing you will need to do is prepare your windows. The window surface will need to be cleaned and any items on the window will need to be removed. This may include things like caulking compounds, weather stripping, antennas or cellular phone equipment. In the case of the latter, it may be necessary to work around these items.

When working on side windows, you will need to clean twice – once with the window fully up and a second time with the window lowered two or three inches. When cleaning a window never use a paper towel. Always use a squeegee.

The next stage is to cut the film to fit your window. The easiest way to do this and ensure there is no wastage is to create a template. Use a piece of nylon paper or something similar and cut it to the size of your window. Once you are happy with the fit, lay this on the film and trace out the shape. You can now cut the film confident it will be the right size.

It is now time to fix the film to the window. This is the bit that takes care and patience!

Peel back the first third of the sheet from the film, making sure the edges are lined up on the window. Then spray the window with adhesive window solution. Pay particular attention to the edges as they have a tendency to peel first.

Now apply the film to the window. Slowly continue to pull away the remainder of the protective sheet, spraying adhesive solution and working out air bubbles as you go.

When working out air bubbles use a squeegee and always work from the middle out.

Once the film is fully in place have one final check to make sure all the edges line up properly. They should, though, if the trace and cut was done carefully, and the initial film side was applied correctly.

 The final process is to use a paper towel or soft cloth to wipe away any remaining moisture.  Many experts recommend using a microfiber cloth.  Order one here:

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