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You have been working very hard to make your car look as appealing as the day you bought it from your favorite showroom. On regular basis, thorough washing is done as well as applying of new coat wax after every few months. 

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However, despite all these efforts, your vehicle exterior is still polluted with swirl marks, stains and chips. It is frustrating to always find out that water spots, grim and dirt manifests on a vehicle immediately after thorough washing is done. The ultimate solution to this nagging situation is ceramic coating paint protection. This product adds a substantive value to your car exterior by protecting it from environmental hazards.

ceramic coating

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a polymer in form of a liquid, mostly, applied by hand on the exterior of a vehicle. Liquid polymers such as ceramic pro, c quartz, and, opti-coat pro are perfect examples of ceramic coating that consist of chemicals that naturally bond with factory paint of vehicles creating a protective layer.

Ceramic coating is a premium wax alternative as opposed to painting protection film. In this case, the ceramic coating creates an either permanent or semi-permanent bond with a vehicle paint hence does not either wash away nor does it break away. The coating may not require constant application after every few months like normal powder coating wax

Ceramic Coat Protection

Ceramic coat paint offers extra protection on the exterior of a vehicle helping it look new with minimal maintenance. The coating makes your car resilient to environmental hazards and easier to clean. It protects the vehicle exterior from abrasive chemicals, oxidation, and, effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


Ceramic Paint Coating

A good ceramic paint coating should among other tributes be corrosion resistant, thermal stable, chemical resistance, uv stable and above all be durable. The paint intended purpose is to add the value of the exterior of a vehicle which coincides with the characteristics. Users of ceramic paint coating for vehicles ought to distinguish between the paint that is used for cars and other applications. Therefore it is essential to distinguish if the ceramic paint coating you have purchased is effective on car use.

Ceramic Coating for Cars

Ceramic coating for cars is an important exercise not only on the exterior of the vehicle but also in the interior. As much as the coating protects from the effects of regular surface erosion, the imminent risk of staining on the inside from family members and pets is rifle. Transfer of dirt from outside spills from drinks and food may not be avoidable. Other than traditional wax, ceramic coating for cars contains highly hydrophobic and advanced polySilazanes which protects vehicles from harsh atmospheric pollutants such as exhaust fumes, water snow, ice and grim.

Ceramic Coating
ceramic coating
Ceramic Clear coat for Cars

Each of the vehicle external parts go through varying environmental hazards and therefore each part has specifics for ceramic clear coats. Some of the parts that need a clear coat include, the body, wipers, engine parts e.tc. Each part of a vehicle is as important and deserves to be coated for easier maintenance. You need not be worried about the different brands of ceramic clear coats. Manufacturers have branded the coats according to suiting needs.

Ceramic Coat in Boulder Window Tint

Boulder window tint ceramic coat provides a variety of ceramic coating paints according to need by need basis. The ceramic coats in our shops are carefully formulated with the ability to withstand temperatures of as high as 1800 degrees F. In addition, ceramic coat in our shop contains unmatched characteristics such as chemical resistant and durable among others. Verifying of quality and the brand to purchase can take as quick as two minutes on our website. For more information contact or search boulder widow tint and your concerns shall be responded. For telephone inquiries just call our offices headquarters through telephone number (720) 408-0017.

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