Benefits Of Professional Ceramic Coating

Maintaining the attractive appearance of the car and protecting the paintwork (LCP) is one of the main goals of many car owners. This can be done with ordinary wax, but such a ceramic coating will have to be constantly updated and attentively maintained. Therefore, in this article we will talk about ceramic coating, a more modern and useful way to protect paintwork.

What are the advantages of ceramic coating

The ceramic coating of a car consists of silicates, quartz sand, and polymers. With the help of them, a protective film is formed, which protects the surface from mechanical stress. Also, the composition contains aluminum oxide, which increases hydrophobic properties, and titanium dioxide that gives shines to the car for a long time. Manufacturers can add an organic silicon solvent to the ceramic coating evenly. Putting all the components together gives you a specialized paste to protect and renew the car body. Below are some advantages of ceramic coating.

  1. Mirror surface

    After full application (3 coats), you should see an amazing effect. The car looks like it was covered in glass with a mirror effect. It doesn’t matter if the car is new straight from the dealership or old. The effect is amazing.

  2. Easy to clean

    Adding a hardener layer to the ceramic coating makes the dirt and other contaminants slide. This makes the car surface easy to clean.

  3. Without having to worry about the paintwork for more than five years

    The most durable type of paint protection currently available is ceramic coating. The hardness, smoothness, and wear resistance of a ceramic coating give it an advantage over other types of paint protection. Following application, a translucent invisible layer with a thickness of 2-3 microns emerges on the surface, totally insulating the paint from external causes such as mechanical damage, scratches, acid rain, UV radiation, tree sap, and road salt. You’ll be less likely to get scratches and chips with this protection, which will save you money on expensive repairs.

Is it hard to apply the ceramic coating?

The ceramic coating process is not very hard. It is something that can be easily carried out by an experienced professional. It is always advisable to seek help from an expert for the best results.

Can I apply ceramic coating myself?

The process is not quite simple. For good results that will last for long, it is advisable to hire an experienced service provider. Remember to apply the coating in a dry or shaded area.

Where can I schedule a reputable auto ceramic coating in Boulder and the surrounding areas?

Don’t take your car’s safety for granted. Give your car the time and attention it deserves. Ceramic automobile coating services are best handled by professionals. In Boulder, Colorado, and the neighboring areas, there are many expert ceramic automobile coating professionals. Boulder Window Tint  is one of the most trustworthy ceramic coating service suppliers. Call us immediately at (720) 408-0017 to take advantage of our superior services. Contact us now.

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