Everything You Need to Know About Window Tinting

Are you thinking of styling your car or house windows? Window tint film provides an easy way to add character to your windows. Even better, the film can be applied to the interior or exterior side of the window.

Talking about functionality, while many people think that window tinting is a bit of luxury, it actually tames the sun’s heat and glare while adding style to windows where they are applied.

For the unacquainted, there are two types of window film – residential and automotive – designed with features that allow them to serve unique purposes. Typically, automotive films are designed to be darker so as to provide heightened privacy, whereas residential films protect against UV light.

When purchasing, you will have the option to choose solar control or decorative window films. According to this site, solar control window films reflect heat and can block up to 99.9 percent of UV radiation. Decorative films, on the other hand, add style and privacy to your home. They come in a wide array of colors, including mirrored finishes, smoked, clear, and frosted.

If you are on the market for window tint films, some of the reputable brands you can consider are:

  • Xpel – This tends to be our preferred brand of window tint. We especially like it for its heat resistance. 
  • LLumar – LLumar is one of the leading suppliers of window tint films and is known for its top-quality options. Films cost around $189 to $499. Although they are relatively expensive, they offer great quality for money.
  • 3M: This brand offers innovative films to reduce glare and deliver desired shade of tint. Their products are known to offer 99% protection against UV rays.
  • SunTek: SunTek films have many of the most desired features of window tint films. They offer a wide array of products, so you can be sure to find a film that fits your needs.

Each of these brands offers a wide array of window tint films in different shades and levels of privacy. With them, you can be sure to find a film that fits your needs and style. But remember to consider the following:

  • The film thickness
  • Compatibility with double-pane windows (if necessary)
  • Anti-grafting coating

Benefits of window tinting

Regardless of color, thickness, and type you choose, tinting your windows will enhance comfort, improve security, reduce energy bills, and protect against UV lights.

Applying window tint films not only improves the look and function of home windows but also helps keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Window tinting can reduce temperatures by up to 30%, which can help homeowners save. For instance, Boulder residents can save approximately $115 on cooling and $63 on heating costs annually when they apply window tint films. Further, this can help protect your expensive furniture or upholstery from fading.

For those tinting home windows, it may be worth noting that residential tint films can be applied to the interior or exterior surface of windows, depending on personal preferences and needs.

While window films are generally installed on the inside ts hrotect them from elements, leading manufacturers have takenthetics. In terms longevity issues and improve aesthetics. In terms of performance, exterior films offer more heat rejection than interior films – they block the heat and UV radiation before they get in. Even better, exterior window tint films are more flexible and less disruptive than interior films.

Overall, interior films are less prone to damage because they are protected from elements. On the oall hand, exterior window films offer better overall performance, making them ideal solutions for glare and temperature control applications. Whether installed inside or outside, window films do an excellent insulating residential property from temperature fluctuations.

For those living in the southwest, an ideal option would be Low-E glass. The film tames heat and ultraviolet radiation without blocking natural. For more information about 3M window films, see this post.

Installing window tint film

When it comes to applying window tint film, you can do it yourself or hire a professional.

If you elect to install window tint film yourself, make sure to read and follow the instructions carefully and observe safety guidelines. As for picking the right film, a reputable company or professional can guide you to purchase an ideal film for your needs and preferences.

While installing a tint sounds like an easy task, in reality, it is not. If you’re dubious about installing window tint film on your own or running short of time, you can hire a professional window tint installer to do the job. Obviously, a professional will have the expertise to get the job done right.

If you want new windows installed or window tinting film applied, you can check our blog post “Hiring A Professional Window Tinter In Boulder” to learn the basics you need to know before hiring a contractor.

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