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When it comes to glass windows, breakage and shattering are common; hence the need to secure them. An object can fly from anywhere and shatter your glass windows. A person can knock your window down and so on. Therefore to secure your windows in case of such unavoidable accidents, consider investing in window film.

How does the window film work?

The safe window film consists of shatterproof materials whereby it forms a thick, solid, and protective shield to the glass windows when applied to the glass window. With such a strong shield, the windows are not prone to easy breakage in case of a strong impact. Note that this film shield does not entirely secure the windows from shattering, but the best part is that the strong film material binds the shattered glass together still.

Why should you consider investing in the window film?

  • The film prevents more accidents from occurring, considering it holds the shattered glass pieces in place
  • The film helps to secure the building windows
  • Your home is safe from burglary in case the windows are shattered, and you are not around.

How to choose the best window film

The style

The film comes in different styles and colors to choose from, depending on your house finishing or individual’s preference.


Do you want your home windows to be tinted for that extra privacy and security? The window film comes in different looks where you can opt for a tinted color for privacy and security purposes.

Decor purposes

The film forms another layer of material on the window glasses that, in return, leaves a beautiful look on the windows. Also, the look of the film you choose can add such effects to the windows.


Prevents breakage

The tint film is quite common in commercial places like offices due to security purposes. Regular glass windows are pretty easy to break when hit with a hard object. Also, with tint film, no one can easily see what is inside the room.

If you are looking forward to having your home or commercial building applied film, Boulder Window Tint is the perfect company to hire. The company has been providing window services for many years; thus, great experience.

Types of window films

Tinted film

Thieves can only master what to steal if they have a good view of the inside and stored inside. As in cars, the tinted film can be installed in a home or office window to offer privacy and security. The tint film blocks high light from penetrating to the inside such that one cannot easily view what is inside the building. Another crucial thing worth noting is that the tint film secures the interior from harsh UV rays. So, you don’t need to hustle covering the computers in your office since they are protected from the harsh sun rays.

Anti-graffiti film

This is mainly used in commercial places like shops, restaurants, and offices. An anti-graffiti film is a good option for retail areas due to the constant changes done on the building logos. It has the peeling mode whereby you peel off the layer of film to replace it with another one if you need to change the writings on the windows. The best part is the peeling of the film does not damage your windows at all.

Why hire us? Solid and durable film services

If you are tired of having your windows smashed by burglars or minor accidents that occur in your neighborhood, allow us to secure the windows for you. With an anti-shutter and robust mechanism, our film services ensure no one can easily access your home or business building through the windows. The glass may get shattered but be sure the film will still bind the shattered glass pieces together.

Our company can also help you choose the suitable film for your windows depending on where you install it. Contact us at (720) 408-0017 to book an appointment or the services.


The window film is the ultimate option if you need security, privacy ad to save cost. The tint film plus anti-graffiti ensures the windows of your home or business are safe from burglary while ensuring no vandalizing product gets close to your windows. There is no better company to hire for the best film window installation and consultation services than Boulder Window Tint Company. Call us today for the best installation services.

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