The worth of Tinting House Window

When you read the words “worth of tinting” you might think, “Does that mean I paint them black?” or “How much darker will my windows get?” or even “Will I be able to see outside from the inside of my home?”The answer is that “tinting your home’s windows” has nothing to do with painting them black or making them harder to see through from the inside. 

However, tinting the windows in your home does have a variety of benefits that you will indeed enjoy. Some of those benefits include the following:

  • Reduction in Your Utility Bills: Tinting your windows can make your home more energy efficient and help cut your utility costs by up to 40%. This savings results from a reduction in heat transfer in the summertime (fans and central air get used less) and out of the home in the winter time. These airflow patterns provide a cheaper alternative to total window replacements.


  • Good Returns on Your Investment: The 40% savings in energy means that tinting your windows are a high level of long-term return on your investment compared to the cost of tinting your windows in the first place.


  • Protects Your Interior Fabrics: Tinting your windows blocks up to 99% of the UV rays that would otherwise get through your windows. Blocking these UV rays can help protect your furniture as the UV rays will not be able to get through and fade the colors and damage the materials in your home whether cloth or leather, every single piece of your furniture will thank you for blocking these harmful rays by lasting longer than it otherwise would!


  • Your Windows Are Still Clear: Your windows no longer have to look tinted to be tinted and help save you money on your utility bills or to help protect your furniture. Your windows can still look clear as they would if they were untinted, but you can enjoy the benefits of the tinting at the same time! You can thank modern technology!


  • Reduce the Amount of Overall Heat in Your Home: Reducing the overall amount of heat in your home can help you feel more comfortable as the sun coming into your home is not so intense. Up to 55% reductions of heat have gotten reported in houses which have tinted windows over those which do not. 


  • Added Security: Tinted windows let you see out but can stop the neighborhood’s Peeping Toms from peaking IN on you and your family without requiring you to close the blinds every time you want a little peace and quiet as well as privacy. Moreover, tinting can prevent window shattering which can protect your family and property in the rare event of an attempted break-in.


  • Utility Company Rebates: Many utility companies provide rebates for customers who are willing to tint their windows as it helps save energy and is an environmentally friendly measure to take.


  • Great Discounts Available When You Purchase New Windows: Many companies are happy to give you a rather steep discount on window tinting when you get it done while you are purchasing windows from them. If you were going to buy new windows anyway, then getting the discount on tinting makes it a real deal!

These are just some of the positives that you should consider when determining if window tinting is right for your home. These are great benefits and the savings on utilities alone can help pay back the cost of getting your windows in a somewhat timely fashion. Once the cost of the tinting is paid off, you are saving money on your utilities each month, making this a very worthwhile investment!

For more information on getting your home’s windows tinted please feel free to contact us for further assistance and to set up an appointment. 

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