What are the Tint limits?

If you get pulled over and your window tint is too dark you may be facing a $200 fine. Do you know how dark your windows are allowed to be? Is the tint worth the risk?

You should do some research when tinting your windows. This way you will not have to worry about getting a fine. There is a guide to help you find the right tint level so you can be cool and be legal.

Higher VLT Does not mean darker tint

All window tint is going to have some VLT and it will be expressed as a percentage. This will show how much light the tint can block out and how much can get through. For example, if there is 50% VTL around 50% of the light from the sun will not enter the car.

A higher number does not mean the tint will be darker.

automotive window tint

The percentage represents the sunlight that can make it through the film. If there is an 80% rating only 20 % of the sunlight will make it into the car.

If you want dark you are going to want a lower VLT percentage.


If you want your windows so dark other drivers cannot see in this does not mean you need to go too dark. There are different laws and they will vary from state to state. Before tinting your windows, be sure to check the tint limits and the laws in your state.

There is more.

There are different types of window films for a car. Some examples will be:

The front side window is allowed 28% VLT

The back side is allowed 15% VLT

The Rear window is allowed 15% VLT

The windshield can only be tined as the 1 line

The back windows can have a darker tint than the front but the entire windshield cannot be tinted.

Do not go darker

If your tint is too dark you will not be able to see the road, especially at night. When it is sunny 20% VLT is okay but at night it will be hard to see.

If your windows are too dark you can get a big fine and may need to remove the tint. This can cost you extra and may damage the windows.

If you are a danger while driver it is not worth going too dark.

Think about the reasons why you want to get your windows tinted.

What is the goal of tinting them?

Are you looking to stay cool while driving? Are you looking to improve the strength of your windows?

If those are your goal you should get a higher VLT. The film that has 50% VTL will block out the light. Any film will help strengthen your glass.

If you are looking for privacy you are going to want a darker glass. You may not be able to go as dark as you please.

Choosing the Tint

You need to understand the percentage before you purchase tint. Your windows may be darker or lighter than you expected.

You can research on your own or talk to a professional to find out more information about the tint levels in your state.

You should not do window tint at home. This can be difficult or it can bubble on the window. If you make a mistake you will need to pay a professional to fix it.

It is worth paying a professional for a quality job.

We have you covered.

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